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How to strengthen the steel structure?


How to strengthen the steel structure?

The structural reinforcement design can use the linear elastic analysis method to calculate the effect of the structure, and should comply with the relevant regulations of the current standards. The reinforcement design of the structure should be closely integrated with the actual construction method, and effective measures should be taken to ensure that the new components and components are reliably connected to the original structure, and the new section and the original section are firmly combined to form an overall joint work. The unreinforced part should not be dealt with. And related structures, components and foundations cause adverse effects.

The reinforcement of steel structure can be divided into two types: direct reinforcement and indirect reinforcement. When designing, suitable reinforcement methods and technologies can be selected according to actual conditions and use requirements. Direct reinforcement should be selected according to the actual situation of the project to increase the section reinforcement method, stick steel plate reinforcement method and combined reinforcement method. Indirect reinforcement should be adopted to change the structural system reinforcement method and prestressed reinforcement method according to the actual situation of the project. The connection method of structural reinforcement should adopt welding seam connection, friction-type high-strength bolt connection, or mixed connection of welding seam and friction-type high-strength bolt.


Steel structure reinforcement materials
(1) Material strength of original structure and component materials
When the structural reliability appraisal considers that the original design documents are valid, and there is no obvious deterioration in the performance of structural members or connections, the original design values can be used. When the structural reliability appraisal considers that the on-site inspection should be carried out again, the inferred yield strength or the conditional yield point of the test results shall be used for determination. When the inferred value fy of the on-site yield strength is determined, the tensile strength design value f shall be taken as The ratio of fy to γR, and the resistance partial coefficient γR should be taken as 1.2.
For the original steel structure subject to vapor phase corrosion, when the cross-sectional area loss is greater than 25% or the remaining thickness of the plate is less than 5mm, the steel strength design value at the time of the check calculation should be multiplied by the 0.8~1.0 strength reduction factor according to the corrosion level .
(2) Steel and welding materials for reinforcement
The steel grade of the reinforcement should be the same or equivalent to the steel grade of the original component, and the toughness, plasticity and welding performance should match the steel grade of the original component. The types of steel bars for structural reinforcement should be HRB400 or HPB300 steel bars, and their quality and performance should meet the relevant national standards. The quality and performance of welding materials used for structural reinforcement should comply with relevant national standards
(3) Structural adhesive
Structural adhesives for steel structure reinforcement should be structural adhesives with steel as the base material, and adhesives with unsaturated polyester or alkyd resin as the main component are strictly prohibited. When the use environment is normal temperature, the I type AAA or AA normal temperature structural adhesive should be used; when the use environment is high, the II or III temperature resistant structural adhesive should be used.

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